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The Dry Dropper Rig The dry dropper rig is a very effective way...

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The Dry Dropper Rig

The dry dropper rig is a very effective way to fish. The dry dropper rig is a perfect set up when rivers like the North Fork of the Yuba or even the fly fishing Upper Sacramento River. The dry dropper rig is so effective because you are giving the fish two options. You are generally presenting a large dries giving the opportunistic trout a sizable meal option and fishing your nymphs. Fishing the nymph in the upper water column replicates the emerging stage of a nymph swimming toward the surface to become an adult. Trout often feed during this stage as the nymph is particularly vulnerable.

1)   Leader: I start with a 7.5 foot 4x mono leader and loop to loop it to my fly line or butt section. I chose a shorter mono leader because it turns over the larger foam flies that I like to fish with my hopper dropper rigs.  Use mono because it floats. If you are using smaller dries use lighter leaders. Also on waters with wary fish you may consider longer leaders.

2)   The Dry Fly: Choose a large dry fly. One that can support the weight of the nymph that you want to use. I really like the Chubby Chernobyl for this purpose.  Make sure to put floatant on your dry before it gets wet.

3)   The Tippet: I usually use fluorocarbon tippet. Generally 5x or maybe even 6x if the fish are being particularly line shy. 1-4ft of tippet (90% of the time 3ft is perfect). Attach this to the bend of the hook with a clinch knot.

4)   The Dropper: Choose a beadhead fly.  I like 16-22 tungsten flies. Tie on to the tippet with a clinch Knot.

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