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Surf Report

Ladies Surf Clinic:


Last Saturday 9 fly fisherwomen came out to Crissy Field to join the LCO crew for the first ever Ladies “Fly Fishing the Surf 101 Clinic”. The range of experience and age made this crew a wonderful mix of anglers. At 7am, with rain on the way, these ladies were ready to buckle down and learn as much as they could before bundling up to hit the surf.

As soon as the demonstrations would finish, everyone would head down to the water, ready fish hard even in the extremely rainy conditions. Their energy was a perfect match for the incoming tide. These ladies were hooking up into Stripers, Surf Perch and even a few Crabs! In fact, this women’s clinic caught more fish than we see in most surf clinics, and I believe that the enthusiasm had everything to do with it.  By the end, we were all drenched, laughing, going over the fish caught, exchanging photos, and planning future times to get together and fish!

In the days after the clinic I was able to chat with a couple of the lady-anglers about their experience. Both had done fly fishing for trout in the past, and had no idea how much they would enjoy fly fishing the surf! And both already had surf fishing days on the books! I am so impressed by how quickly this group developed and how tough they were through the hours of rainy conditions.


Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more and more ladies out fly fishing the bay in the near future!

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