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Surf and Bay-Foot Patrol Fly Fishing Report

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Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 4.6.17


Sharpen your hooks and your casting stroke, the spring migration is building and the Bay is fully worth a few hours of your time. I’d stay inside tomorrow, unless you have a masochistic streak, but by Sunday we’re looking good and the stripers will be boiling across four counties!

The water seems to be clearing every day as the rivers feeding the Delta are calming down a bit and fresh, clean saltwater flushes through with every tide change.

Same goes for the surf, things are on the up and up for schoolie stripers and some surf perch. Avoid stormy days, like tomorrow, as the surf will be really foamy and washed out.

Intermediate lines should do you for most days out there, unless you find a channel or ledge in the Bay, then a type 3 sinking head will pay dividends. Shooting heads are a must for this type of fishing. They save your shoulder from rotator cuff surgery and deliver the fly further with less effort.

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