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Surf and Bay Fly Fishing Report

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Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 3.30.17


The Bay seems to be clear one day and off the next. The dirty creek and Delta flows combined with clean water currents from the Golden Gate make for some great color lines, but that can change daily with the tides.  A good number of striper are being caught in the usual places Corte Madera and Richardson bays to name a few. 

Bait and schoolie stripers are out on the town and may be on your local beach right now. The surf has been really high so look for calmer days.

But, look for some calm weather in the forecast and plan accordingly. It’s only going to get better through spring. Intermediate lines and chartreuse over white Clousers are all you need to get started. Stop by the shop if you need a primer.

We continue to receive scattered reports of small stripers in the surf, from Monterey to Bolinas. Again, it’s only going to get better coming up here and you have plenty of surf perch available to take up the slack. 

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