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Surf and Bay Fly Fishing Report

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Lost Coast Outfitters reports on 4.27.17

The Bay and the beach might be the best thing going statewide right now. The spring migration is game on and we’re seeing fish from Monterey to Bolinas. Good reports from Pacifica and Alameda Rocks (outside the Golden Gate, not East Bay) are rolling in. Marin is heating up, lots of schoolies around Richardson Bay and Corte Madera Creek and tons of bait. 

Most bait in the bay seems to be small right now, like 2 inches. Don’t be afraid to give your arm a rest and strap on a smaller bug. We have some supremely castable, custom striper patterns at the shop that fit this bill. 

If you’re a Marin rat you might want to expand your horizons to the East Bay and North Bay. There’s literally hundreds of miles of beach to fish in the Bay and the fish pouring out of the Delta hit that side of the Bay first, and they’re hungry. We saw a photo of a 50# fish caught and released near Antioch this week. It was caught from a boat, but still, she’s going to go where the food is. When the baitfish are trying to dry out sweaty palms and shaking from head to tail out of a rightful fear of being eaten whole at any second, they’ll head to shallow water. But guess what, so do the stripers.

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