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San Francisco Fly Fishing Report

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Capt. Kevin DeGulis reports on 5.24.18

Angel Island

Ben Engle was able to take the day off Wednesday. Even though the fishing was slow, he always finds the fish. Roping in a solid 24 inch Striped Bass Fish, using a nasty fly that he tired up himself. 

This week in the surf has been slow, the weather changes seem to be putting the fish in a funk. Earlier this week, Kim Laur and I took out an inflatable boat with a six hr power to Angel Island.  Couldn’t find many stripers but managed to get a primarily barred surfperch on the line, such an aggressive fish for its size. Other than that I have been in transition mode, starting to focus more and more on the beaches. I will be at Ocean Beach most mornings in the summer, looking for the 40 incher! San Francisco deserves this fishery, feel free to email me

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