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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Doug Ouellette Reports on 11.2.2016

Pyramid Lake continues to produce several BIG cutthroat from shoreline flyfishers. Retrieving Popcorn Beetles, Boobies, Buggers and Tui Chub patterns have been working well. The fish are all over the lake, pick your favorite spot and don’t be afraid to move a bit. These BIG fish are not easy so be prepared to grind it out. Be ready on every retrieve, it could be your turn to hook one of these legendary fish. These are heavy powerful fish so we recommend 12 to 15 pound test line with 7 to 10 weight rods. Remember when weighing a fish always weigh it a rubberized net and subtract the weight of the net. Time out of water is critical to the fish, try to keep the fish in the water as much as possible before releasing it. If you are taking a picture have the camera ready.
The Catch & Release program at Crosby’s Lodge is going very well. If you get a chance stop by for more info and see some of these Giant Trout!  
*picture 18 ½ pounda! on a Popcorn Beetle


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