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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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Matt Koles, Gilligan’s Guide Service

At Pyramid Lake the east wind blew good yesterday and almost everyone I knew caught fish. The wind brought the fish up onto the beaches. The weather will be much more conducive for fly fishing at Pyramid Lake this week instead of the sunny high pressure ridge we’ve had. Of course if you can get your ass out of bed and fish first light, great, if not, stick around until last light. If you have a good wind blowing in and maybe some cloud cover then never mind that because you may have an all day bite, especially as we’re heading into spring. I like March out at the lake. Remember we have a Pyramid Lake clinic on March 14th.


Doug Ouellette, Calvada Fly Fishing

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report for 02/25/15On Monday 2/23/15 I had the opportunity to fish with two very good friends, Matt “Gilligan” Koles and Mike Sexton. Both are great anglers and outstanding guides. We released several “Pyramid” strain fish from 17 to 24 inches and a few 2 foot “Pilot” strain fish. The water has warmed a bit and measured at 48.6º. The “Pyramid” strain fish are starting their spawning mode already with the females swelling up with eggs and the males are becoming very red. They are coming in close and grabbing at the rod tip. “Floater no Cator” has been working well but retrieving popcorn beetles, booby flies, and buggers has still been the most productive. This week a storm is predicted to hit the area, this weekend should be a great time to fish.
Our next scheduled clinic will be on March 14th.Good luck, have fun,
Doug O.

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