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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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John Fochetti Fly Fishing reports on 2.25.2016

The lake has been on fire the last few weeks. Double digit numbers have been more common than not. Eight out of the last ten days on the water have seen a ten plus pound fish, with many above fifteen pounds. Two days ago the biggest fish I’ve personally seen was taken at 22 pounds!

Sunrise to about ten or eleven o'clock and then about two o'clock to sunset have been best. The middle part of the day has been pretty slow. However, if there is wind or cloud cover then it’s fishing well all day.

If you do catch it on a it’s sunny and calm or in the middle part of the day try going down in tippet and fly size.

All of the larger fish lately have been taken on Jan’s balanced leeches (olive&albacore) Jan’s balanced baitfish or his spark plug(red or black).

However I have seen a little bit of a change over to smaller flies in the past few days with midges producing some good numbers of fish.

I also started seeing some cruising fish yesterday for the first time right on the shelf! It’s starting and will only get better from here on out.

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