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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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John Fochetti Reports on 4.7.2016

Fishing this last week has been pretty good considering how nice the weather was. I saw the largest number of fish to hand in a day this year, and to top it off my client Brent Rhylick got a 16 pounder to end things off. So,even if it is a slow day keep stir you never know when a big one could cruise by, and if your flies aren’t in the water then they can’t eat em!

We have done really well stripping buggers and beetles lately when it’s calm. There are hundreds of cruisers right now, so maybe back off your ladder and fish the drop off…. If you are standing right where they are cruising, chances are they aren’t going to eat a fly between your legs. Dark colors have been best producers in midges, buggers, and beetles.

This weekend and next week has some rain in the forecast, which are very good times to be fishing out there. Keep trying early morning and late evening for best results. If it’s bright and sunny with no wind try something new. Go to a new beach and find cruisers where there isn’t 100 fisherman. Try’s new fly color or size or t unique than everyone is using. And if that doesn’t work go grab something to eat or drink at Crosby’s to refuel and get back out there!

Still have April 22,23,24 available call me or email me for info

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