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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report

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John Fochetti reports on 3.22.18

Pyramid Lake

The Lake continues to be inconsistent, one day it’s good the next it’s really slow. It is also being strange, on cloudy windy choppy days with low pressure it won’t fish well, then on high-pressure days with the sun out and no wind the fish are in the mood.

The water temps are still very cold, and I believe the fish want some warmer temps to get them into the spawn mode and into shallower water.
     However, with all that said over the past week, we have had some solid days mixed in with the slow ones. My best advice right now is to fish hard, on most days there is still a good window where they come in and start chowing.

I have been mostly nymphing lately and they seem to want smaller midges with little or no flash. Mix up your colors and change flies and depths until you find what’s working.

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