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Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing

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John Fochetti Reports on 2.23.2017 

With most of the west coast fishing opportunities practically non-existent, due to a crazy winter with no end in sight, Pyramid Lake has re-opened and the fishing is amazing.  Currently, the beaches between Shot Dog down to the North Nets are open for recreational use.  Those of you worried about the weather, remember the nastier the better! This is when your chance of catching both numbers and size of fish is best.

I went out with some friends and fished the re-opener, and it did not disappoint. We arrived at the lake around 5:30 am and to our surprise were able to fish the exact spot we wanted. Literally the instant we could see it was game on. Maybe giving the fish a break was a good thing, because they were aggressive and very hot!  Between two of us there were over thirty fish landed with one being over ten pounds.

I have been back to the lake a few other times and the fishing is just getting better. Sure there have always been days and months of good fishing with great numbers out here. However, this is the most consistent I have seen fish being caught in the upper teens and twenty pound range.

I could use all kinds of adjectives to explain how great the lake is fishing. But, I probably don’t need to granted there is basically nothing else to fish.

Since the lake was supposed to be closed all month I have a good amount of days available in the next month. So contact me for a chance to catch a 20 plus pounder.

(916) 337-8598

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