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Pyramid Fly Fishing Report

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John Fochetti Reports 3.10.2016

The lake definitely back…on fire that is… know I said it had slowed a little bit last week, and it did for like 3 days.  Its been crazy good again this last week with huge numbers and more huge fish. Like always its better on days where there is some cloud cover and or wind. If you get a combo of both it can be silly out there. Today was the best day Ive seen all year, so hopefully this trend continues.

The bite has switched over to chironomid patterns with snow cones in darker patterns being the best producers. However, in big waves balanced leeches have still been producing pretty well. It doesn’t seem like the big fish have cared about that too much, as the biggest fish Ive seen out there ever at 23pounds was on chironomid…

With lots of weather in the forecast for the next week, it should just continue to be insanity out out there. The lake has been super crowded in spots, but you don’t have to fish where everyone is…the surface area is larger than Lake Tahoe, and the fish are everywhere! Find some solitude and some big boys, or girls, whichever you prefer.

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