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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

Jordan Romney Reports on 9.12.19

The creek is currently running out of 400cfs. That is still a bit high for the time of year but that has more to do with the hot weather. Look for the flows to start dropping a bit in the next few days to weeks. It’s still fishing pretty well, last weeks trips out there produced some solid hookups and a few quality fish. There is a good grab on bwo nymphs size 18 or 20. I really like slim profile with out a lot of color or flash. They tend to get grabbed more then the normal pheasant tails or generic. I am also not a believer in gold bead head flies on the creek. The fish see so many of them that they are more of a deterrent then an attractor. The midge bite is on too, look past the zebra midge. Do some research on patterns to either tie up or head to Lost Coast Outfitters

Don’t be afraid do drown a dry fly midge. Those are usually my “go to” patterns. Make sure to bring some cash with you if you plan to park at the main access. The iron rangers are back out and they cost $10 for the day. You can get an annual pass if you plan on fishing there regularly. The pressure will start to increase as the flows start to drop. Keep an open mind and communicate with other anglers while out there. Ask before you tread if you see someone fishing ahead of you.

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