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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard of Napa Valley Fly Guide reports on 8.17.2015

So here is my report for the last 3 weeks 7/27/15 to 8/17 15 ; the Wragg fire has left  Putah Creek scarred but there are still places to fish that have not been decimated by the fire. DFW has implemented a partial closure of the creek from Montecello Dam to access 5 along the south side that is the back side of the creek for those of you that don’t know . The bridge area and the staircase is closed as well. So, you have to do some looking around to find places to fish. also Flows have been between mid 500 cfs and mid 600 cfs all summer and temps have been really hot but the creek is still producing mostly small fish as always summer flows make it tough, but if you know where to look you can still find the occasional 11 to 12 in fish. However yesterday I picked one about 16 to 17 inches on a size #14 green caddis. The same fish was lost earlier due to a equipment failure but with some persistence I got a second chance and was able to bring her to net . Fish have been responding to #18 Green & Black zebra midges ; and size #16, #14 emergers , # 18 Pink san juan worms and  soft hackles. As always patience, a well stocked flybox, And  good dead drift  is always a must.

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