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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Richard Loft reports on 9.17.2015

Hey Everyone : Here’s my report for this week of 9/14-9/18. Flows- 414cfs. Let me start off by saying much of the creek is still closed due to the fire the whole south side has a closure issued by Fish and Wildlife. However that said, I fished the open areas on the north side and bigger fish are starting to show. I fished from  2:30 to 4:00 on the 14th; my first fish took one of the soft hackles Ive been tying from what I could tell it was at least 17in but was foul hooked and I only saw its tail. I re-set and right away another big fish 18+ this one broke my hook, but was a beauty.  Day two, 9/15, another good day–I fished 4 afternoon hours, and hooked and landed 2- 19inchers and lost another 2 or 3 big fish as well. And just a friendly reminder make sure your leader is long enough to reach the bottom and finding the right amount of weight is crucial the line between to much and to little is as important as having the right fly. They are hitting the soft hackles and zebra midges and big guys are beginning to move into the system for the spawning season. So– please be mindful of spawning areas and Redds and either fish other spots or other rivers this Fall.

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