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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Napa Valley Fly Guides Report 

I hiked into a favorite spot with a friend today and was not disappointed; I landed 7 or 8 fish with just a little extra effort- switching flys, adding weight, etc etc. In my experience the fish seem to bite more when it’s overcast. I caught three on a pheasant tail- size 14 and but the fish do seem to be podded up in certain spots right now; you have to put in the legwork to find em. The ones I landed were juveniles but still beauties! Funny side note- my friend caught a smallmouth bass which I have never seen on Putah until today. Here he is:

So despite the high summer flows, fishin still going pretty well. Want an off the beaten path adventure? Give me a call! 707-294-4738 Richard Loft

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