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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney Reports on 12.1.2016

Well that’s a wrap.  I decided to call an end to the fishing season on Putah Creek about two weeks ago.  With the measly 50 cfs flows and how many early spawning fish I decided to move my trips elsewhere.  December through February are the months that we ask anglers to avoid fishing Putah Creek to help protect the spawning fish. Ethically it is the right decision, let the fish breed so we can better fishing in the years to come.

Here is my thought on fishing Putah in the winter months.  I would never allow anglers to target actively spawning fish.  Sure there are spots on the creek where the fish do not spawn that would be an option to fish.  However, Putah Creek is already the most technical fishery we have in California.  With the majority of mature fish spawning on beds that leaves the none spawning water without a lot of fish in them.  You are now making the most technical water even harder on yourself.  Say you do find a mature big fish in the none spawning water, chances are that fish is taking a break.

Don’t sweat, there is still plenty of good winter fishing to be had.  You may just need to drive a little farther to the Yuba, Feather, American or other valley waters.

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