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Putah Creek Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 4.5.18

Putah Creek 


One word to sum up the fishing on Putah Creek last month: FIRE! We had some really insane days of fishing in the first half of the month. The fish were hungry and throw caution to the wind when it came to feeding. Despite the crowds, we still were able to find overlooked water. All of my “secret” spots were producing. Lately, it has slowed down a bit. It went from really, really, really good to really good. The flows are still perfect and the clarity is ideal. We will see what this next atmospheric river will do to it. I anticipate it to blow out for a short period this weekend. It should clear pretty fast and get back to business. The hatches have been finicky. Typically on Putah Creek, you get a baetis eruption at 10:00 and 3:00. It seemed like the morning hatch was missing but the afternoon one was good. The midges have been out and about. I haven’t seen many caddis
out yet but while looking under rocks the rock worm looks like its about ready to pop. We haven’t done a lot of streamer fishing yet. We have nymphed a crayfish with really big results.


Actually, the two biggest fish of the year have came on the crawdad. We’ve been testing certain rigs too this year. I have a new 90 degree drop system that seems to be the perfect balance for casting and fishing. The fishing side of it is substantially better than a tapered leader. I like the standard thing a ma bobber vs the airlock for this rig. If anyone is looking for a last minute trip to get on the water this weekend I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday open. After that, I am booked out until the 17th of April. I have a lot of open days until the end of the month. Start looking at your calendars for May and June. If you want to hunt a big trophy fish with me


I have the solution. The flows will start to come up and those big boys will start moving into the flats. My raft is the perfect streamer boat to get your chance at that fish of a lifetime. The boat is set up for just one angler so this has to be a trip where I am rowing and you are fishing.

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