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Northern Sierra Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi reports on 5.5.2016

George, in the high country camping out at Lake Davis. It’s so gorgeous out!

Writing this report from my phone, so I’ll keep it short. Take care!

The Truckee River is fishing good, both on top and in the canyon. When I can get two rookies into 7 fish, with the biggest being a 22" rainbow, it’s really good. High sticking and indo rigs are dominating. Same old flies; worms and beats nymphs. Water temps have bumped up a little bit. Go now.

Lake Davis awakens, water temps 51 to 53 degrees. Fishing was awesome last Tuesday and my Truckee River guests hammered them with indo rigs, and stripping. 12 fish hooked, and one was all animal with hot runs and aerial displays; 23 inches 4 pounds. Great hatches of blood midge and Callibaetis. It’s only going to get better from here on out.

The Middle Fork Feather River has come down, but water temps need to come up, 50 degrees just doesn’t cut it. 56 to 63 degrees is ideal for this watershed. End of May should be good. The river is absolutely beautiful right now and living up to its label of “Wild & Scenic”.

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