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Northern California Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Report

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Anthony Carruesco reports on 1.16.18

We’re in the heart of Winter Steelhead season in Northern California. The past few weeks have dealt us a couple of good windows to get after these fish. As many of you should know going into these pursuits; these fish don’t often come easy. Even when you happen to time the conditions just right, it ain’t a sure thing. Winter Steelhead fishing requires a strong effort and thick skin. 

Prepare to be humbled by the rivers and fish that swim through them. You’re playing a game that has the odds stacked against you. Our guide staff can help expedite the learning curve for you and enhance your odds of shaking hands with a wild, elusive Steelhead this Winter. 

The unpredictable nature of this game is what makes your success that much sweeter. 

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