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North Fork Yuba River Report

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Jon Baiocchi / Baiocchi’s Troutfitters Reports on 9.8.2016

The North Fork Yuba River continues to fish well from the top of the watershed, down to the lower reaches below Downieville. Water temps have dropped a few degrees with the colder overnight low air temperatures. Fishing pressure is extremely light, and you’ll be able to find complete solitude now, especially mid-week. Water levels are at their fall season low concentrating the trout into the bigger plunge pools, and runs. Look for pockets with some depth to them, I often find the bigger fish in these small areas. Same dry / dropper rigs apply, a big bushy rubber legged stimulator or the equivalent, with a red copper John underneath. Purple is another great color. Don’t forget about hoppers and ants in the afternoon when warmer air temperatures make them more active. For aquatics, the Psuedocloeon mayfly spinner fall has been on one day, and sparse the next. There has been few big Pale Evening spinners in the mid-morning, and a resurgence of caddis during the day. It’s not necessary to be on the water early with these cooler temps, starting at 10am is fine.

In the weeks to come focusing on lower down in the watershed will be of importance, remember you’re chasing the happy zone of water temps that are 57 to 63 degrees. By October you’ll want to be below Downieville. At the end of October bring your streamers as the brown trout will begin their fall spawning migration up from Bullards Bar reservoir. I like to bring two rods, one for dry / dropper rigs and indo set ups, and the other dedicated for streamer presentations. . For the streamer rod I use a WF floater, and a sink tip for the deeper pools.

By special request

I took my guests down into the grand canyon of Jamison creek, it’s gnarly down there, and so remote. We did not see any evidence of human footprints, but plenty of game tracks like deer, bear, and mountain lions. The fishing was just ok, lots of little wild rainbows. I find the best time to fish Jamison creek is the middle of June to the middle of July, more hatches, and the trout are more eager. On a side note there were signs of a big runoff last spring as the creek’s character changed. Lower populations of trout that were smaller than usual was a red flag. Again, I think the drought has affected this little gem. The same flies and tactics used on the North Fork Yuba River will work on Jamison creek.

My fall dates for Lake Davis are starting to fill. My guide trips on the lake are more than just catching, I’ll teach you all about the lake, access areas, rigging, and flies. Sharing the knowledge of the lake is of great importance to me. If you want in, give me a call at 530.228.0487 or email me at Here comes fall, it’s over quickly, so be prepared to enjoy every minute of it!

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