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North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi Reports on 8.18.2016

Conditions remain the same on the North Fork Yuba River, great fishing, and exceptional views. Water temperatures are 57 in the morning rising to 63 degrees in the early afternoon for the upper watershed. The best times to ply the water are 8am to 1pm, then again in the evening chasing the last couple of hours of light. Fishing pressure has been light, but I’m amazed how many anglers like to choose the easy spots right off of highway 49. There is so much more good water off the beaten path where many of the wild rainbows have yet to see a fly this season. Take a hike and explore, if you do not see footprints, you’re golden.

The hoppers are really out in big numbers right now, and on a windy day they will end up in the water. Not much in the way of aquatic insects as most of the hatches has already played out. In a few weeks expect to see a BWO spinner fall in the morning, or when air temperatures are between 58 and 68 degrees. The fish have been crushing ant patterns dropped off a dry, very aggressive take are the norm. Summer is almost over, so make the best of it by getting on the water with a light rod, and experiencing some serious fun.

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