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North Fork Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi Reports on 8.23.2017

North Fork Yuba River ~ Jamison Creek Fishing Report

Water levels are at an all-time low for the season resulting in even more fishable water. Fishing has been great using dry flies for small wild rainbows, and when using lighter rods you get to feel the tug, while seeing a bent rod. It’s been really fun! Water temps range from 56 in the morning to 64 in the afternoon. The days are noticeably getting a tad shorter, and the weather has been pretty good as well with clouds, and the occasional short thunderstorm. I’ve been taking my guests mostly in the upper watershed where the springs are at, though fishing has been good all the way towards Downieville. Fishing areas that do not receive a lot pressure will be beneficial, the further you hike, the better the fishing will be. 

The Blue Wing Olive mayflies are returning and there can be a light spinner fall during mid-morning, it’s a sparse hatch for now. Other than that there are not many aquatics out, but plenty of terrestrials roaming about. Ants, hoppers, and beetles are getting lots of attention from the fish now. As we creep into late summer and early fall, remember to start fishing lower down in the watershed. Night time temps will continue to drop, and an angler should then fish during the middle of the day. If the heat continues then it will still be a morning and evening game. Another consideration is the bulk of the October caddis populations reside in the middle to the lower part of the watershed. Finding a stretch of the river that receives late afternoon sun is essential during the autumn season.

I’ve done more trips into the Grand Canyon of Jamison Creek this year than I can remember. It’s well worth the grueling 8 hour day of hiking into the gorge, fishing for miles upstream, than the big push back up to the rim of the canyon. So far no other human footprints other than my guests and me, it’s a totally remote area, and so awesome. Water levels have dropped here as well providing much more fishable water than three weeks ago. Lots of caddis in the air in the evenings, and during the day attractor flies, and hoppers get the grabs. Though Jamison Creek was heavily scoured, with full size conifers laying on the streambed between the banks, let alone huge boulders being moved about, there is an explosion of Gray Drake nymphs everywhere.

 From the swimmer family, these nymphs reside in slack side water and can be see darting about. The Siphlonurus mayfly is one of the coolest aquatic insects out there. Life has been really good. I’ve been extremely busy guiding and enjoying my time on the road, living out of the F-250, and seeing some majestic wonders of the flora and fauna world like mink, bear, kingfisher, coyote, fox, raptors, owls, and a bunch of deer. I have a few days left towards the end of September, and 18 days available in October. I’ll be switching gears to fish the stillwaters soon with select trips to the Truckee area. If you would like to fish me in the Northern Sierra, it’s best to reserve your spot now. 530.228.0487

Jon Baiocchi

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