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Monterey Bay Surf  Fly Fishing Report

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Evan Praskin reports on 1.31.19


The past few weekends down here in the Monterey Bay have been excellent! Winter perch season is in full swing with some great quality fish to be caught all over! The population of bigger slot fish are impressive this season with plenty of breeding ready females in the mix.

 Perch are abundant and keeping fish will not hurt the fishery, but we do try our best to release big females since they will be the creators of future populations. 

Especially handle these girls with care later in the year when they are full of babies! Stripers are being caught down here near the river mouth beaches, all these fish are washouts from the recent breaches but give us some excitement as we anticipate the main migratory run of bass.

Weekends are filling up fast so be sure to reach out and get on the books. Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying 2019, we’ll see you on the beach!

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