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Monterey Bay Fly Fishing Report

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Evan Praskin reports on 8.16.18

While we were gone the fishing remained good in the Monterey Bay. Some really nice fish have been caught within the bay as well as up the Pacific coast. Most are not seeing numbers, but the fish that are being caught are not little. Our good friend Ken Oda @kenoda870 beached a whale of a striper this past week that must of been one heck of a battle! 

The monsters are out there and they may come on that next cast. Give us a call/email to get on the books!  Hope everyone had a great summer, we’ll see you on the beach!

Once again I snuck away on our annual family vacation to the hills, spent some time relaxing in Tahoe with the kids, then split with the wife to Idaho. 

That state is a special place and holds amazing fishing opportunities in every direction if you get a chance I suggest putting it in your plan book! 

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