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McCloud & Upper Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Wild Waters Fly Fishing reports on 5.18.17

The rivers running off Mt. Shasta are all starting to come into play for the season.  We do expect the upcoming, hot weather to bump some flows up due to snow melt, mostly on the Upper Sac and its feeder creeks.  We have been fishing from the raft and from shore.  Hatches of stoneflies and mayflies become more prolific everyday spring approaches.  

McCloud river flows have dropped down to 450cfs and hopefully it stays there for a good part of the following weeks.  We have been fishing all over this river.  The road into Ah-I’d-an and The Nature Conservancy is open and with the lower flows much more of the river is accessible.  All your favorite styles of catching fish on a fly are proving productive and we expect the fishing to only get better with the warm weather.

The local largemouth bass fisheries are in full effect as well.  All the lakes look fantastic and full of water making these fisheries more alive than they have been in years.  It won’t be long before the smallmouth bass fishing starts beeping on our radar.

Although salmonflies will begin hatching on the Klamath this week the water is still a bit high for fly fishing.  Keep in touch as we keep an eye on the water, we’re anxious to get you out there.

The Lower Sac seems to be the favorite this spring for most fisherman.  With consistent flows and clearing water the fishing remains great.  Its gonna get hot this week but I assume that’s gonna do nothing but help out with some of the insect hatches.  We’ll see…

Wild Waters Fly Fishing

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