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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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John Richard reports on 5.9.19

McCloud River Fishing Report

The McCloud River is still experiencing high flows (532 CFS at Ah Di Na), but the fishing is quite good. The higher flows may limit some access and adjust the way you approach your favorite spot but it is likely that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your day. Last week our guides caught fish in a variety of ways. We were thrilled to throw the dry fly and on some days it would account for half the fish landed. The bobber went down plenty when we used the appropriate amount of weight and chose the proper fly. 

Most importantly the scenery is absolutely stunning, spring flowers, redbud, dogwood all backed by that new growth green of leafed out maples, alders, and willows. The conifers too are showing their new green tips. Along the banks our fly lines tangled around the pink clustered flowers of the elephant ear, beautifully ruining perfect cast or mends. 

The days have been warm and the mosquitos are vicious in camp and parking spots. The trail and the river are void of the mosquitos but they patiently await your return to the truck or campsite. Be aware that Ash Camp won’t have road access most of the season. You will have to park at the dam and walk. The road to Ah Di NA is in good shape but is heavily used by logging trucks. Drive slow around blind turns or you might feel like a mayfly splattered against the grill of a Mac truck. We have the best guides on the river and would love to show you around. 

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