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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Wildwaters Fly Fishing Reports on 8.24.2017

I’m sorry we didn’t take any pictures of the six inchers your likely to catch, if….your fast enough. This is a challenging fishing report because the fishing on the McCloud river isn’t all that great. The little ones, who are faster then you, have taken over the feeding lanes and making you set the hook about a dozen times per hole. Sadly, coming up empty most of the time. I watch these guys hit and spit faster then I can say “Set that". The standard size fish completely have ignored most dry-flies and most nymphs, (at least on the dead drift). The summer lulls are here, its hot, there are no hatches, even the caddis have sought shade. Truth is we are only catching ten or so fish a day. When the fishing is tough its a good time to try something new. Some results may vary but here are a few fish we’ve guided people into lately.  We’d love to show you more on the river.

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