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McCloud River Fly Fishing Report

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Wild Waters Fly Fishing Reports on 10.20.2017

The McCloud River from lake to lake and above is showing off its biggest fish of the year and our guides and clients are catching them. Overall the fishing is slower than normal. With the cookie cutters and dinks hiding from these leviathans we are only getting a few fish a day per angler. But wait to you see how big these pigs are. We have found lots of success with swinging soft hackles, skating and popping dry flies and of course the nymph and bobber. By far the most important technique is that you go there to enjoy the beautiful river in its fall color glory. It seems those who compliment her beauty the most get to catch her biggest fish. Annually we see the river fill with leaves and pine needles as the first storms strip the branches. With so much debris in the river it is important that your fly stands out. That can be done with size, color or movement. There are many intricacies for fooling one of these beauties but give us a call and we will tune you into the best river in California.

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