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McCloud River and Upper Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Ted Fays Fly Shop Reports:

It is all about the McCloud right now. Flows are a bit high but as you can see very user friendly. The visibility is about the clearest you will see until Mud Creek kicks in its glacial tint which is just around the corner. The snow melt on Mt. Shasta has cranked up and it’s showing in McCloud Reservoir … soon to be in the river. The Golden Stones have arrived and numerous hatches are appearing. June is a great time to be here and the fishing should be excellent. No excuses, pack your bags, tell the wife and dog you have an appointment with a dear friend in need and get up/down here. Dry/dropper has been working along with your favorite Mayfly and Caddis patterns. Evenings are producing a dry fly clinic.

The Upper Sac continues its slow creep down in flow, currently reading 1150 cfs at Delta. More and more spots are opening up and just like the McCloud hatches of Golden Stones, mayflies and caddis are appearing. This river is an alternative as always and the fish have not been harassed by anyone for a looooong time.

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