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Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 12/17/2015

Been on the Lower Yuba River Lately…Fishing has been very inconsistent. I thought with the last 2 big pushes of water out of deer creek a little color would be added to the water and fish would move around…maybe getting on a more consistent grab. Not so much…fishing is still pretty hit and miss. Fish don’t seem to be to picky they just seem to be either eating or not. Some runs I have run into and easily caught fish others I have pounded, changed flies, tippet size, weights, drops you name it and nothing. Hard to believe that if a fish in one run will eat a size 8 rubber legs or a size 14 Flash Back PT they are super picky about matching the hatch in another. I think the fish with the low flows and clear water have concentrated in certain areas (many of them above the bridge) and completely left others. The amount of pressure on the fish with the flows at 550cfs is incredible, so I can only imagine that they have moved out of certain runs based on just the pressure factor. With the 5-7 days of rain forecasted coming up fishing should improve and there should be some color to the water over the next two weeks making for great nymphing and swinging.

December/January is usually one of my favorite times on the Yuba.
Butte Creek - Butte Creek has been up and down with the last two storms and with the next one should hit its prime time over the next 2 weeks and into January if we keep getting good rains. Steelhead from the Sac should be moving up and fishing through the canyon should be getting pretty good for both trout and steelhead. With the rains I should be able to get the raft down the canyon opening up some amazing water for nymphing and swinging.

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Capt. Hogan Brown 530-514-2453

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