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Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Jordan Romney reports on 1.27.2016

14,000 CFS turned the peaceful river into a raging torrent of mud.  Prior to the river blowing out it was fishing excellent.  There was a little bit of color from a smaller storm that helped the fishing.  The drifts didn’t have to be as perfect as they had in the past two years of clear water. Fish were healthy, full of spunk and heavy.  They have been eating and were a little more excited about taking a fly then they had earlier in the month.  The river has had a good amount of traffic on it.  Being that the Feather is mud the Yuba has been really the only game in town.    

When looking for the right type of water for where the fish were holding keep in mind the where the clear shallow water meets the deeper colored up water.  Fish will like to hold right on the edge where they can still have access to food that they can find but still feel protected.  Fish the edges.  Fish the water where you most likely want to stand with a dry dropper before you head to the meaty part of the run.

I had a group out on Wednesday that wanted to swing the river.  We gave her hell swinging leeches, alevin patterns, and a fly called the perpetrator.  We had half a dozen or so good grabs but nothing that wanted to stick.  

The skwala hatch is just starting to peek its head out.  I found four adults while walking the banks.  We tried some dry flies from the boat but no takers yet.  The nymphing guys were doing pretty well though. 

It looks like there is some weather coming in Friday and might turn the water into a mocha color again. Might be a week or so before it is fishable again.  We won’t know until we know.  

Some alternative things to do while the rivers are muddy is to get ready for the spring.  Organize your gear.  Make a list of things you need.  Tie some flies and fill up your boxes.  Clean your fly lines.  Patch your waders.  Practice your casting, go to a park or any open area.  Bring a target to cast to and get your muscle memory going.  Get dialed now so when it’s game time you are ready. Put a spool of tippet on your coffee table.  Practice your knots during commercials so you can get faster at them.

Call me or text for open trip dates or if you are looking for an up to date river report.


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