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Lower Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown reports on 3.16.18

Lower Yuba

Drifted the Lower Yuba River a few times the last week and flows were down around 850cfs. With the recent rains the river has come WAY up to about 6-7k cfs…Last storm it did this it dropped pretty quick so if you are looking to fish the Yuba I would say a few days without rain and it should drop back down if the last storm is any of a predictor. That said fishing was pretty darn good before the river blew out. Good early PMD and “pinkie” hatches with plenty of fish up on the surface feeding. If you track the hatches through the day Gray Drakes come off first around 9-10am and pull fish up then followed by the PMD/Pinkies that start up around 11-12 and tail off around 2pm. There are still a few winter stones around and skwalas but not many and most of the fish are keyed into the fact the “bigger” bugs are usually fake…Saw a few early caddis on the warmer days but nothing that got me to change out flies. Going to be a great spring on the Lower Yuba but I think this pattern of blow out with each storm is going to be a pretty consistent pattern. We need the rain and snow so it is what it is. 

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