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Lower Sacramento Trout Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal report on 7.16.15

Fishing this week was pretty decent on the Lower Sac. I’ve mostly been floating the upper river section through town (Redding) from late afternoon to dark, doing half-day trips. The evenings have been great!! Buddies of mine have been fishing the early morning session, 7am to Noon, and report decent fishing as well…

The Posse Grounds/Sundial Bridge section downstream to Hwy 44 Bridge is still closed to fishing – but will open up August 1st. This was a salmon protection deal, but the closure enabled the big resident trout a pretty good break - with no pressure. I wonder if this uninterrupted feeding period helped the trout gain a few pounds?

During last week’s cooler and cloudy weather we actually experienced some pretty intense baetis mayfly hatches in the late afternoon… not a typical bug for mid July… but the fish were all over them. With the return of hotter weather this week you will want to re-focus on the main attraction - imitating the hydropsyche caddis.

These are fun bugs to fish! There are many different techniques from a boat or even wade fishing along the edges and shallow riffles. I often have 3 or 4 different rods rigged up in my boat, in order to jump on the fish when they are in a certain mood. Mixing it up adds challenge and keeps us hunting.

During the hot periods of day, jumping out of the boat to wet-wade a shallow riffle for a few minutes can be a great way to beat the heat. It’s also a fun way to earn these fish. There are few wadeable spots on this large river that offer reliable fishable access. A drift boat will increase access to a lot more water, while adding the advantage of fishing from the boat, and covering water efficiently.

Dead drifting and swinging emergers in tan/light brown caddis patterns are effective strategies, during the lighted day. Dry/dropper rigs might work better as the sun goes down (don’t forget a few spent caddis patterns). You might find trout voraciously feeding in shallow water and on the surface as evening approaches. The takes can be violent.

I wouldn’t go without tan or brown versions of Bird’s nests, Fox’s Poopah, Silvey’s Pupa, Translucent Pupa etc in sizes from #12-14. If you are passing through Redding, to points north or east, or headed back home from fishing in the nearby mountains, consider giving the Lower Sac a half day of your time. My open dates for the next few weeks are: July 17, 28, 29, 30, August 5, 6

David Neal
Reel Adventures Guide Service
760-914-0465 mobile 

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