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Lower Sacramento Striper Report & Lower Yuba Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 7/6/2017

Lower Sacramento River Striper Fishing - The Lower Sac continues to crank out good numbers of keeper size stripers and a few double digit fish over the last week. We also hooked a true trophy that we lost in a big snag…kinda par for course when fishing the river. Clarity in certain areas is still an issue as a few banks are still coming down and washing mud into the river. Top water fishing has been decent in the evening if you are willing to stay out. Fishing should remain good through October.

Lower Yuba River - Got out and floated the Lower Yuba River last week with clients and man has the river changed. The Lower Yuba is at 3400cfs and will drop over the next few days to 3000cfs. Clarity is amazing…clear. No matter what you have heard the Lower Yuba is a new river…There are some serious serious changes to the river. I would say about 60-75% of the river, if not more from the bridge down is new. Some amazingly cool and different types of water is shaping up. One interesting thing is that while the river was at 3400cfs it didn’t seem “high” at all. There was plenty of spots to fish and most spots were back row able and there were tons of spots to wade fish. This is a bit concerning that the river channel has spread out to accommodate a river of 3k CFS…what will happen when it drops to 7-800cfs? who knows.

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