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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports:

Lower Sacramento River Striper fishing is good right now. Lots of small fish in the 16-25" bracket with a few in the 5-8lb range then usually about 1-2 a day in the BIG category…don’t always land them or get a good hook set but knowing they are there and eating is a good thing….sometimes they even eat a fish you have hooked. Pretty standard fishing though as early in what we call our season the smaller fish get really active and then as the month of July moves on into August and September we get more shots at bigger fish. Weather is hot but all our fish on the Sac come during the hottest part of the day usually, 10-3pm. There can be some decent top water fishing first and last light.
Pics are from the last few days. Young man is a Cast Hope kid.

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