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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Dave Neal reports on 8.20.2015


Fishing on the Lower Sacramento River, right in the heart of downtown Redding, remains pretty darn good this week. The top float remains solid with many hook-ups of badass 18”- 20"+ wild trout. These fish are absolute rippers and we seem to connect with a few each day that are simply un-landable.

We’ve enjoyed lots of double hook-ups, and backing running fish… the ones we do manage to the net are beautiful, healthy, and just fine all-around specimens of an amazing wild rainbow trout fishery. We are so fortunate to have this incredible river right here in town…


It has been getting a little hot in the late afternoon this week so we’ve been fishing mostly the morning session – trailering the boat as the air temps reach uncomfortable. Some folks have opted to go out during the evening session and that may pay off for some dry fly action right at dark.

In order to survive the hotter afternoons try wet-wading a riffle or two (bet you won’t last longer than a few minutes in the cold water). Use a short drop indicator rig, or a good floating dry fly w/ a tungsten bead dropper. Stick to small #18 dropper nymphs like sparse mayfly or midge patterns. Also, try swinging or skating some caddis patterns at dusk. Hunt those fish!

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