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Lower Sacramento Fly Fishing Report

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Bucko Theriot Reports on 10.22.2015

“O WOW, MY ARM IS BURNING,” -Client on the lower sac. If you want that burning feeling from constantly fighting big bows on the lower, then now is the time! I have seen a lot more salmon in the river this past week and the egg bite is only going to get better. Make sure you watch out for the salmon redds if you are going to try and wade this river.
Available Days: October 25, 26, 27. 

Hogan Brown reports on 10.22.2015:

I have been spending most of my time on the Lower Sacramento guiding for trout between Anderson and Jelly’s Ferry. Almost all the guides are fishing between Posse Ground and Anderson Chasing the egg bite/hatch. There is VERY limited numbers of reds and the few that are around get POUNDED early and often. When I put in at Anderson this week there was 20 trailers there taking out and I was the only boat putting in. I had Anderson to Barge hole to myself…it was AWESOME. Now I only saw 2 sets of reds the whole float, but the fish have to eat and are still feeding pretty regularly in what we call bug water. There was a bunch of  fish eating egg patterns on the few reds I found but most came on rubber legs, birds nest, and Olive Amigos. Talking to my buddies that fished the upper floats and chased each other down the river to redds all day our numbers have been about the same….So I haven’t gone up above Anderson in a few weeks and probably won’t for a while.

Lincoln Gray Reports on 10.22.2015:

The Lower Sac is fishing well to excellent.  The “Egg Drop” is happening and should continue to be good for at least 4-6 more weeks.  I guided four days in a row last week and weekend.  Check out my Facebook page at Lincoln Gray’s Fly Fishing Adventures

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