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Lower Sacramento and Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Capt Hogan Brown Reports on 10.19.17

Lower Sac River Striper Fishing remains fair to good among changing conditions. The water temp and air temps are changing greatly. Water temps have dropped down into the mid to high 50s and night time air temp lows are dipping into the the low 50s high 40s with day time highs of the high 80s…So BIG swings in air temp and conditions throughout the day. Fish have been podding up more so covering water and being patient through areas that don’t hold fish to find those that do is key. Some of the biggest fish of the season are coming out to feed with the fall weather and some true trophies have been caught by some of the anglers throwing conventional gear and big glide baits and such. Personally I have seen multiple 45-50lbs fish over the last few weeks landed by some of my friends that throw gear. Really speacial fish. Fishing should remain in “Fall conditions” really until the river blows out with the first big storm.

Lower Yuba River - Got a few days on the Lower Yuba River as well over the last few weeks. Flows are pretty stable and I would say good. There are few salmon up on redds but not a ton. Where there was a redd there was predictably a few fish around it that would eat eggs. Most other fish came on olive caddis pupa or attractor nymphs. Most of the fish were small in the 10-12" range, but wild and fun. Not sure where the bigger fish went but they are consistently not there. River has changed and there are plenty of new runs and areas but over all it still seems to fish like the yuba for the most part.  

Capt. Hogan Brown

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