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Lower Sac & Yuba Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 10.12.17

Lower Sac Striper Fishing - Fishing is good. Fall fishing changes a bit as the fish go on the “Fall Feed” but it is still good fishing. The fish seem to pod up a bit more and congregate arond larger sources of food so there are some dead spots through the day as we search for fish. Water temps have dropped drasticly which changes presentatiuon and fly selection a bit from summer fishing. All that said fishing can turn with wind or pressure changes this time of year. It can get a bit more tempermental as conditions change.

Lower Yuba River - Floated the Yuba this weekend. Fishing was OK. super windy so not a great barometer. There are a few early salmon reds (like single digits so don’t get excited) and decent fall caddis hatches (dark black gray with a dark olive body). Before the wind came up we got a few fish on caddis dries (nothing big) and when the wind came up we continued to get fish on caddis pupa, attractor patterns, and beads. Fish on average were small but still were tough fighting yuba fish. Still haven’t seen many “bigger” fish on the river and only saw one salmon.

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