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Lower Sac Striper and Feather River Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 9.17.2015

Lower Sacramento Striper fishing - Striper fishing has been hit or miss this last week. The river fish are very sensitive to changes in the weather this time of year and big swings of temperature the last week have put them on and off depending on the day and weather. Our fish are resident fish so they don’t go anywhere they will just go off the bite. The good news is that if you are on the river after a few days of consistent weather the fish are very grabby. As the weather stabilizes the next few days the fishing should turn back on. By saturday it is suppose to be back up in the 90’s through the end of the month so fishing should get back on track.

Lower Feather River - Talked to a few guys that have been over on the feather and the news was pretty disappointing. Usually by this time the Low Flow Stretch of river is STUFFED with king salmon waiting to spawn and feed hordes of steelhead moving up river in October….Not the report I got. very few salmon in the low flow. To the point where if you weren’t actively looking for them you wouldn’t see in. Bummer. They did hook one nice steelhead but lost it so still a bit early for the feather. 

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