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Lower Sac Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 8.25.2016

Lower Sac Striper fishing…fishing remains good. Weather has cooled down (relative for chico, ca in august) during the day but most importantly the evening temperatures have cooled down a lot. This affects the time I start fishing and when the fish are most active really more then anything. We have moved a way from the full moon and fish seem to be feeding more actively during the day. Best fly and line combo has been the sniper line in a type 5 with a olive over white un-weighted bait fish fly…pattern doesn’t really matter just keep the fly about 4-5” long with a flash tail and olive over white. This is the time of year where the bigger fish began to eat more readily as salmon and salmon anglers push them to the banks. That said salmon and salmon anglers are still not in or out on the river in any huge numbers. The number of anglers seems to be increasing but not the fish.

Striper fishing should remain good through October. I still have a few dates open if anyone is interested.
Oct 1, 8

Yuba River Fly Fishing Report

One spot I am looking forward to getting out and I may take my two boys out on a float this weekend is the Lower Yuba…Flows have dropped from 1300 down to 1000-1100. I know the reports have been pretty poor coming out of the Lower Yuba this summer and I personally haven’t been out there at all this summer, but fall comes early there and I want to get out and see what is happening…The bug life from what I have seen this spring was fair, and the conditions this summer have been great for the most part, just haven’t heard of many people catching good numbers of fish. Most guides I have heard talking are scratching out a few fish a day at best or have stopped taking clients there. Many people are talking that the high water this winter pushed a lot of the fish down or up or somewhere else…My thoughts are ounce the salmon come in any fish in the lower river or that moved down into the feather will follow the salmon up ALSO ounce flows began to drop below Daguerre due to irrigation we will see warmer water in the lower river pulling fish up into the cooler water above Daguerre…So, I am looking forward to the salmon moving up, cutting redds, and dropping some eggs as I think it will give us a better idea of what fish are around and what the state of the Yuba is.

August and September are traditionally GREAT striper months for me and I spend all my time on the river guiding, guiding for stripers for the most part. That said my fly tying really makes a big turn. I try to tie flies everyday…usually during the morning while I drink my coffee and listen to Mike and Mike on ESPN radio. September marks the point where I have to switch from typing striper to tying my fall and winter trout/steelhead flies. Right now I have been filling the slots of small baetis patterns…mainly my Olive and Brown Amigo Nymph. This is the nymph I came up with when everyone and their brother started fishing the S&M nymph…luckily or unfortunately, depending on how you look it at… the Amigo has not caught on like the S&M. While I still fish the S&M PMD pattern I have not fished the olive pattern in years. If you are a tier and fish a bunch make a point this year to get ahead one season in your tying. This has really helped me keep my boxes full.


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Capt. Hogan Brown

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