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Lower Sac and Feather Fly Fishing Reports

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Ryan Johnston Reports on 5.3.2016

The shad are showing up in good numbers in Chico. Expect the next 4-5 weeks to have good shad fishing on the Sacramento River. Expect the warm sunny days to produce the best shad results. With the shad showing up expect the striper fishing to slow down until the end of June. When there are lots of shad in the river the stripers become hard to catch as there is lots of food in the river for them to feed upon.

The Feather is still continuing to produce lots of half pounder and the random adult steelhead. The window on the Feather is going to start closing in the next couple weeks. By the middle of May expect the majority of the fish to be in the upper part of the river near the hatchery. When we get late into the season Low Flow is the ticket to catching decent numbers of fish.

Then the Lower Sac continues to fish well between Redding to Anderson. It’s getting to that time of year where the trout are spawning so fishing up near Redding is seeing lots of dark rainbows as they try to make some babies. Be careful not to fish reads and alow them to have their “Barry White” moment. Most days right now we are hooking 40+ rainbows 

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