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Lowe Sacramento River Fly Fishing Report

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Hogan Brown Reports on 11.12.2015

Been guiding the Lower Sacramento River the last few days…spending most of my time down low from Red Bluff down to Corning. There is good numbers of nice trout eating around the areas where there are spawning salmon and there are good numbers of hatchery and wild cookie cutter steelhead around, about 18-22". There are also some larger adults in the mix up over 25" as well. This is a different fishery then the Sac up through Redding and Anderson. Much bigger river and the fish are spread out but this is where most of the steelhead, especially wild fish, hang before the head up the tributaries. There is enough spawning salmon to slow them down while they move up river and before they head up the creeks.

Butte Creek  opens Nov 15 and has seen a bit of a bump in flows with the recent rain but still needs a good flushing and push of water to move steelhead from the Sac up into the canyon. This is a great small stream steelhead fishery but with the drought we need some good rain to get it going this year.
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