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Local Surf Fly Fishing Report

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Local Surf Fly Fishing Report

Ben Engle Reports on 1.22.20

This time of year fishing on the coast can be tough.  The constant storms that are pushing in make the wave activity significantly larger which makes for rather dangerous fishing conditions.  Ideally you want to look for the breaks between storms. I've been having really great luck on the 2-4ft projected swell days right after the storms.  Large swell days move sand around like crazy out there so on those calm days you'll be able to access these developed sand bars and troughs which hold all the fish.  

For flies just remember perch are pretty simple creatures.  I've always applied the rule of if it's orange and flashy a perch will eat it.  I find that fly selection is far less important out in the surf than finding where the fish are so as always, make sure you cover water out there! Don't zone in on a spot just because you caught fish there last time.  Chances are something has changed and the perch are somewhere along that same beach. 

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