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Lake Davis Report

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Lake Davis Fishing Report / Baiocchi’s Troutfitters


6/7/2016 – First off, I blew my back out last Wednesday while unhitching my boat after a trip on the lake. It is what it is, and it’s not just age. When you’ve competed at BMX, vert skateboarding, professional snowboarding, and lastly my boyhood dream, motocross – it all has caught up to me. Bottom line is I spend too much time behind the computer trying to compete with the Jones’s, and not enough time on the road bike and exercising. While being bedridden, I thought about getting back to my old self and pounding out the miles. I know I shouldn’t really worry about competing with others in regards to guiding. I offer so much experience like fly fishing for 44 years, and guiding for 19 years, with the angle of being a true Northern California native and naturalist, and a published author. Very few can match that. Special thanks to Frank and Karen Pisciotta for care taking for me the last 5 days, your love and support is greatly appreciated.


Since I’ve been out of action of late, I’m thankful to my close knit friends, my antennas who have reported some very accurate intelligence.  Some slight changes in the last week our first heat wave of triple digits in the central valley of California. The damsel hatch is definitely on; some days will be stellar, while others just average. Move until you find the fish, and then hammer those toads. Long leaders to 14 feet with precise presentations will award you with a large rainbow at Lake Davis. Water temps are ranging from the low to mid 60’s. Fishing pressure is increasing so choose a spot that is not being picked on. Fish like solitude as well.


Callibaetis (both duns and spinners), blood midges, other chironomids, damsels, and a few snails have been out. No hexes yet, but by the time I report next week I have a feeling they will be out. Same flies and techniques apply as past reports. It’s all about finding those active schools of feeding fish. Good luck out there, and experience the grandeur of the Northern Sierra.

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