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Lake Davis Fly Fishing Report

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Jon Baiocchi, Baiocchi Troutfitters

I finally got back on the water at Lake Davis with my first two trips of the season, and how I have missed being out there with my sweetheart. Current conditions are quite strange, in some aspects conditions are way ahead and other factors about the same for this time of year. Water temps are ranging from 53-55 degrees, there is going to be some colder overnight temperatures next week which will help keep the temps stable. Water is a tad off color but not too bad. Water levels are at 56%, not scary low by any means and it only creates more habitat for the trout stalker fishing off the bank. Boat ramps; Lightning Tree is way above the water line, Camp 5 is ok only for very small boats, and Honker cover is in good shape for now.
Fish behavior is about normal for this time of year with a few exceptions. Right now fish are scattered throughout the lake, and they are roaming around looking for a good neighborhood to live in for the next few months. Most of the rainbows are in the upper water column, and a few are down on the bottom as well. I did see some rising fish in certain coves for a few hours, and then they were gone. Where to is a mystery.  I even saw a few fish still in the coves of the east side in full spawn mode. Rainbows are ranging in size of 17 to 22”.
Blood midges are out in two different sizes, 10, and 14. There is also a small gray midge hatching in a size 18. Blow in feed of Carpenter ants and the black and red burying beetles were on the surface with a few fish eating them. Fish will be keying in on these terrestrials in the next few weeks so make sure you have some Loco ants in your box. I saw my first damsel swimming towards shore, and a few early Callibaetis mayflies. Vertical presentations under the bobber have been best using Albino Wino midge pupa #10-14, and Pheasant Tail flashbacks #14-16. Mornings to noon time have been best.
Overall fishing is fair. I expect big changes in the next three weeks in both aquatic insect and fish behavior. If you’re interested in a guided trip I only have a few days available between now and the end of June. See you on the water…

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