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Klamath River Fly Fishing Report

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Chuck Volckausen reports on 11.1.18

I found a fly rod in the Klamath River.  It looks brand new and it didn’t spend much time in the river.  Who ever lost this is bummed and I’m happy to return it to who ever can tell me the make and model of the rod and reel and the location it was lost.  

The Klamath River is pretty damn good right now. 

 Steelhead are throughout the river.  Conditions are good for swinging flies with floating lines and light tips.  Salmon are spawning in many tail-outs and are starting to show up dead and smelly on the banks.  Best Salmon run we’ve had in a few years, hats off to em’.  Egg bite has been good.  You know the colors.  Can’t beat the weather last few weeks.  It definitely doesn’t suck to be out there.


The pink makeup of a mid-river male fish always gets me.

They might be small, but there’s a lot of them and they eat to kill.
The Mccloud is still being fished by some of the guides and will be fished through the rest of the season. 


Reports are of good mid day fishing for some nice sized rainbows, but some parts of the day and/or some sections of the river are tough.  Hatches are happening and if you ask me it sounds like a pretty typical fall.  Brown trout are spawning and more and more are making redds everyday.  Please be aware of where you walk and or fish as we will be trying to do the same.  
My McCloud river days are done for the year and I’m moving on to just Steelhead fishing.  I hope to see you out there.

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