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Klamath River Fly Fishing Report

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John Rickard reports on 3.14.19

Klamath River Fishing Report.

Our guides will be on the Klamath River this weekend running boats down the Iron Gate stretch. The water is high and off-color but where you can get good drifts, the fishing remains consistent. 


In steelhead fishing there is a massive difference between brown water and greenish-brown water, learn to love the off-color and use tactics that will let you present your fly properly to the unsuspecting fish. 

March is the time when some of the biggest Klamath steelheads are caught and we hope to get into them. 

Downriver the tributaries are pumping water and it quickly gets un-fishable, but up top we still have acceptable flows. (currently 1600 CFS). There are a couple weeks left on this river and we hope to see you out there. Give us a call to book a boat. 1-877-934-7466

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